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The 5th Induction Training for Heads of AFRIPOL National Liaison Offices, 24-25 November 2019, Algiers-Algeria

The AFRIPOL Secretariat organized the Fifth Induction Training for the Heads of AFRIPOL National Liaison Offices (NLOs), from 24-25 November 2019, at the AFRIPOL Headquarters in Algiers, Algeria. The training targeted Six (6) African Union Member States, they include the following: Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe. Dr. Tarek A. Sharif, the Executive Director of AFRIPOL opened the training.

The main objective of training is to offer the participating countries the opportunity to receive an induction on the key tasks and responsibilities of AFRIPOL NLOs. It will also give the participants an overview of mission and the tasks associated with AFRIPOL NLOs. Participants will receive theoretical and practical exercises on the functions and the operation of the African Police Communication System (AFSECOM) equipment.