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AFRIPOL Concludes its 5th Steering Committee Meeting, 1 Oct 2019

The 5th Meeting of the Steering Committee of AFRIPOL was held in Algiers, Algeria, on 1 October 2019. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Ounissi Khelifa, President of the AFRIPOL General Assembly, and Chairperson of the Steering Committee.

The meeting was attended by all the Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Algeria – President of AFRIPOL General Assembly;
  • Uganda – First Vice President;
  • Nigeria – Second Vice President;
  • Central African Republic – Third Vice President;
  • Zambia – Rapporteur;
  • Libya – NARC;
  • Republic of Congo – CAPCCO;
  • Tanzania – EAPCCO;
  • Zimbabwe – SARPCCO;
  • Niger – WAPCCO;
  • AU Commissioner for Peace and Security and
  • Executive Director AFRIPOL.

The Executive Director AFRIPOL, Dr Tarek A. Sharif, welcomed the Members to the AFRIPOL headquarters, and to the Fifth meeting of the AFRIPOL Steering Committee. He extended a special welcome to Tanzania and Zimbabwe as the new Chairs of EAPCCO and SARPCCO respectively.

The meeting received an updated on AFRIPOL activities, covering the period March to September 2019 and the Members made recommendations on how best the AFRIPOL Working Group Cybercrime could support and strengthen the efforts of the police agencies of Member States. The meeting welcomed the final preparations for the Third General Assembly scheduled for 2-3 October 2019 in Algiers.