PRESS RELEASE : AFRIPOL holds the First Coordination meeting with RECs/RMs


The African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL) Holds the First Coordination meeting with RECs/RMs

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – 4 December 2019: The African Union Mechanism for police cooperation (AFRIPOL) Secretariat held the first coordination meeting with the RECs/RMs, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 3-4 December 2019. The meeting was the first of its kind, which enabled the RECs/RMs to exchange views on how best the RECs/RMs can play in enhancing cooperation and coordination between the regions and AFRIPOL in combating transnational organized crime.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Tarek A. Sharif, the Executive Director of AFRIPOL. He stressed that the RECs and RMs have an important role to play to support AFRIPOL. He also noted that they are vital stakeholders within the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) to counter the threats of transnational organized crime at the sub-regional levels with Member States and the regional police chief’s cooperation organization. Mr Amadou Diongue, as Acting Director of the Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission, highlighted the role that the RECs/RMs are expected to play in enhancing cooperation among the police agencies in the continent in the fight against transnational organized crime and terrorism.

Participants came up with a number of solid recommendations, identified priority areas and strategies to better prevent and fight against emerging transnational organized crime in the continent and beyond.

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