2nd Steering Committee AFRIPOL ISPA


The Second Steering Committee of INTERPOL Support Programme for the African Union in relation to AFRIPOL (ISPA) has been organized on 28th  February 2022, in Algiers at AFRIPOL Headquarters. Decision was made to improve the legal framework and Data protection rules for AFRIPOL and focus on joint operation for disruption of criminal networks.

  • A pan-African police operation jointly coordinated by INTERPOL and AFRIPOL has identified hundreds of suspects and resulted in seizures of more than 12 million illicit health products. Press realease.
  • Four (4) Spektor devices for criminal digital forensic have been provided to AFRIPOL. Six (6) experts from National Police Forces will be trained on the utilization of this technology.


AFRIPOL was established as a mechanism for police cooperation for Member States of the African Union. Its main objective is to establish a framework for police cooperation at the strategic, operational and tactical levels between Member States police institutions.

  • Respect for democratic rule, human rights, the rule of law and good governance in accordance with the Constitutive Act, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other relevant instruments;
  • Respect of the Police Ethics, the principles of neutrality, sovereignty, integrity and the presumption of innocence;


AFRIPOL carries out a variety of activities to strengthen


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AFRIPOL was established as an independent mechanism for Police cooperation for Member States of the African Union.