Capacity Building Workshop on use of smartphones technology.

AFRIPOL, in partnership with the German Federal Police (GFP), successfully hosted a Capacity Building Workshop from February 27 to 29, 2024, in Tunis, Tunisia.

The workshop focused on introducing and effectively implementing smartphone technology within the police departments of African Union member states.

Against the backdrop of a growing imperative for sophisticated technological solutions in security protocols, the workshop aimed to equip law enforcement personnel throughout the continent with the essential skills and tools to address the complex dynamics of contemporary crime.

This event emerged as a vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas and innovative practices, drawing over 70 technology experts and law enforcement officials together to engage in constructive discussions. They worked collaboratively to develop practices specifically designed for the African security environment.

Additionally, the workshop offered a prime opportunity for building and strengthening networks of cooperation, setting the stage for a more integrated and effective strategy in the fight against organized crime and terrorism throughout Africa.

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