Objectives and functions

AFRIPOL Objectives and Functions

(a) establish a framework for police cooperation at the strategic, operational and tactical levels between African Union Member State police institutions;

(b) facilitate the prevention, detection and investigation of transnational organized crime in coordination and collaboration with national, regional and international police institutions;

(c) develop Member States’ police capacities, through the establishment of African centers of excellence, for targeted police training programs adapted to the realities of the African context;

(d) prepare a harmonized African strategy to fight against transnational organized crime, terrorism and cyber-crime within the framework of the implementation of the relevant African Union policies;

(e) enhance coordination with similar structures in preventing and combating transnational organized crime;

(f) assist Member States’ police institutions to set up a framework of cooperation for police institutions at national, regional , continental and international levels;

(g) assist Member States’ police institutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through enhancement of their organisational, technical, strategic, operational and tactical capacities;

(h) facilitate the exchange or sharing of information or intelligence to prevent and combat transnational organized crimes, terrorism and cyber-crime;

(i) prevent, detect and investigate transnational organized crime in cooperation and collaboration with national, regional and international Police and law enforcement agencies;

(j) assist Member States to develop or improve good practices in governance and management of police institutions and respect for human and peoples’ rights;

(k) assist Member States to develop and improve community-based policing to encourage citizen involvement in preventing and combatting crime;

(l) support Member States in developing a continental vision and strategies for coordination and collaboration among police institutions;

(m) assist Member States to develop common African positions on police matters;

(n) undertake studies on trends in transnational organized crimes and develop continental tools for crime prevention;

(o) develop appropriate communication strategies, systems and databases for the fulfilment of the above functions;

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Done at Algiers on 11 February 2014, In triplicate originals in Arabic, French, and English, the three texts being equally authentic.